Storage Facilities for Household Goods

Storage Facilities for Household Goods

Convenient, secure, clean.

It’s quite common to need storage services when you move, for lots of reasons. Maybe you need to finish some improvements at your new home before you can move all your things in. Perhaps you need to temporarily store some things to de-clutter and stage your home for sale. Or, maybe you just want to hold onto some things for a family member who isn’t quite ready to take them.

Whatever your reasons for needing storage, Apaca Moving & Storage can help you. We offer complete storage solutions for your belongings, including packing, transport, secure storage, and return delivery when you request.

Choose temporary or short-term storage with competitive monthly rates. If you need, we can keep your goods for several months or longer. If you are unsure of how long you may need storage, we will quote you the options and advise you on how to save money.

A place for big things, too.

We routinely store household goods in dedicated storage containers on racks. We maintain an inventory of all shipments in our warehouse, notated with the precise location so we can access any shipment efficiently. We also maintain a secure, dedicated storage area for large pieces, such as overstuffed furnishings. We cover and wrap soft items to keep them as fresh as when you entrusted them to our care.

Total protection for your peace of mind.

You can have confidence that your things are safe in our care. Our warehouse is secure against unauthorized access and equipped with systems to monitor for fire and intrusion. Plus, we carry total insurance coverage for your goods while they are in our care.

Get a free quote for storage services.

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