Hazardous Materials that Can't be Moved

Moving Hazardous Materials

Your safety comes first.

To guard against damage that can result from combustion, leakage, or explosion, we will not transport the items below in our moving vans. This is for your protection.

  • Aerosol cans (any kind)
  • Ammunition
  • Cleaning fluids or liquids (Tide, Cheer, Dawn, Clorox, etc.)
  • Fireworks
  • Matches and lighter fluid
  • Gasoline and kerosene (no containers, whether empty or full)
  • Propane (no tanks, empty or full)
  • Paints and paint remover (mineral spirits, turpentine)
  • Any hazardous materials
  • Wine, champaign, carbonated beverages (may freeze in colder months)
  • Perishable foods (we transport unopened, shelf-stable foods only)
  • Cologne and perfume can be moved only if sealed in plastic zip-lock bags. We are not responsible for damage to other items do to leakage.

Need professional packing and advice?

Our packers make it easy for you. Contact us to request a price for professional packing services. Talk to an Apaca Moving & Storage representative at (505) 262-1531.