Apaca Packer packing Boxes

Packing Tips for Your Move

Pack one room at a time, starting with areas least used, such as the garage, attic, and basement.

Begin well ahead of moving day, packing two or three cartons a day. This steady approach makes a big job less daunting.

Mark the outside of cartons as you go with the name of the room and contents.

Complete the high value inventory and notify your mover of high value items to be included in your shipment. Leave the cartons with high value items unsealed until the mover has inspected them.

Use plenty of packing paper to fill the spaces inside cartons and serve as a cushion. When a carton is full, fill in gaps with crushed paper to keep contents from shifting. Foam-packing pellets or blankets and towels make good fill around fragile items.

Aim for a per-box weight of no more than 50 pounds; it makes moving a lot easier for you and your mover. Check that the bottoms of all cartons are taped securely and will hold the weight of contents.

Empty drawers of breakables, liquids, and anything else that might damage the furniture. For example, remove heavy books, candles, perfumes, and glassware from furniture before transport.

Pack similar items together. Delicate stemware, for example, should be packed with china and other fragile items—not with books or heavy items.

Keep items that go together in the same carton, such as the remote control and cables for TV.

Use clean white newsprint to wrap items individually. Wrap delicate china and stemware in tissue paper, making sure all edges, rims and corners are unprotected.

Wrap smaller items in colored tissue paper to keep them from getting lost during unpacking.

Need a professional packer?

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