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Moving Furniture

Moving Grandfather Clocks. Have your clock prepared for moving by an expert service man.

Packing Lamps. First, remove bulbs, harps, globes and shades. Wrap the harp and finial (the decorative knob atop the harp) with packing paper. Wrap lamp shades in tissue, not in newspaper. Place the wrapped lamp upright into a large, tissue-lined carton.

Packing Mirrors and Pictures. Wrap these items in paper and place them on edge inside cartons. Use heavy cardboard containers for large pictures and paintings.

Large Wall or Dresser Mirrors. The movers will take these down and place them in special cartons or pad wrap them. For added safety, place tape diagonally across mirror to protect it against damage. Do not place newspaper in contact with paintings—it may damage the artwork.

Tools. Drain all fuel from power tools (your mover cannot ship flammable materials under any circumstances). Pack tools in small, sturdy cartons; wrap and pack valuable items separately.

Waterbeds. Drain all water from the mattress. Grasp internal baffle systems with external vinyl and fold the mattress 20 inches at a time. Adjust folds to avoid creases across individual baffles. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions regarding the proper care of your mattress. Do not place your mattress inside a carton with sharp or pointed objects. If you will store your waterbed mattress for 30 days or more, add a recommended all-purpose waterbed cleaner. It will help control bacteria and maintain freshness.

Lawn Equipment. Drain fuel and disconnect batteries before shipping on the moving van.

Barbecue Grills and Propane Tanks. Wrap grates and briquettes individually in newspaper or in paper grocery bags. Place parts inside a carton and pad with paper to prevent shifting of contents. Your mover cannot transport propane tanks. Check with your local gas grill or propane distributor about recycling or disposal.

Firearms. Registered firearms and their respective serial numbers with your van line representative in advance of your move. It is against U.S. Federal law to mark the outside of the carton to indicate the presence of such items.

Need a professional furniture packer?

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