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Packing Electronics

Moving and packing DVD and CD players

Before moving your DVD or CD player, follow these procedures. They are important to protect your equipment from damage or mechanical failure as a result of vibrations that occur normally during transit.

It is best to pack your DVD or CD player in the original box with the original packing. If you do not have the original box, use one big enough to fully protect the unit. Fill spaces in the box with packing materials so the player will not move during transit.

Remove all DVDs and CDs before packing the player. If you do not, the discs may jam the player. Your mover is not responsible for damage if you fail to properly service equipment before transport.

Disconnect all wiring before the moving company arrives. If you do not have the owner’s manual, draw a diagram or take a photograph of the wiring before disconnection. Wrap wires separately and place them in a plastic bag away from delicate surfaces. Place the bag in the box with the player. Remember to pack the remote control in the box, too.

Packing and moving computers and video recorders

It is best to pack valuable electronic equipment in their original cartons. If you do not have the cartons, use strong, corrugated boxes and put protective padding at the bottom. Wrap a blanket or protective pad around the item before placing it in the carton. Put additional padding between the carton and the electronics item.

Wrap cords and cables separately, place in plastic bags and label them to identify their usage. Wrap non-detachable cords, too. Place cords between the padded computer or video recorder and the carton. If you have an old computer, the drive may need to be “parked” before transport. Check your owner’s manual.

Pack your printer in the original box. Remove the ink cartridges from laser and ink jet printers. If you are moving a dot matrix printer, insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head.

Moving TVs

To begin, snap a photo of the back of your TV and any components connected to it. Refer to this when you set it up in your new location. (You might even print the photo and pack in the carton with the TV.)

Label the cables with easily removable colored tape, placing pieces of like tape at the ports where they connect on the TV. You might also write “audio out” or “power” etc. on labels affixed to the cables.

Wrap cables and remotes as well as the TV stand or bracket and place them together in a box. Fill in the spaces with crumpled paper to prevent shifting. Label the box “TV accessories” along the name of the room where the TV will be located.

If your TV is mounted on the wall, consult your owner’s manual before you remove it. Recruit another person to help you. This is particularly important if you have a large screen TV.

Before packing your TV, it’s best to clean it using a soft, dry cloth. Again, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for details.

If you have the original carton the TV came in, that’s perfect. Otherwise, ask your mover for a carton. Cartons are available in a variety of popular sizes for most flat screen TVs.

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