Family Packing Dishware

How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Use this process on all saucers, bread and butter dishes, and other dishware to help alleviate chips and breakage during your moving experience.

  1. Start with a dish pack (or similar triple-wall carton) and line the bottom with crumpled packing paper.
  2. With your packing paper stacked neatly on your work table, center one plate on the paper. Take the corners of several sheets at once and pull them over the plate until it is completely covered.
  3. Take a second plate and stack it on the first. Going clockwise, grasp a second corner and pull several sheets over the second plate, as you did with the first.
  4. Stack the third plate on top of the bundle and grasp the remaining two corners, folding two sheets of each corner (one at a time) over the plate.
  5. Turn your wrapped stack of 3 plates upside down on your stack of packing paper and re-wrap the entire bundle.
  6. Start with one corner of packing paper and pull two sheets over the bundle. Cover the bundle with the next corner, then the third corner and, finally, the fourth corner.
  7. Seal the bundle with packing tape. Place the bundle into the carton so that the plates are standing on edge. The tensile strength of plates is stronger on edge than placed flat.

Packing glasses, stemware and other fragile items.

Stuff antique glasses, china pieces, and stemware with crumpled tissue and wrap them one at a time.

  1. Lay the piece of glassware or stemware on the corner of your packing paper stack and roll it two full rotations.
  2. Pull sides of packing paper up and over the item and continue rolling to the far corner.
  3. Place heavier items (dish-ware, pitchers, etc.) toward the bottom of the carton. Place smaller, lighter items (such as glasses and stemware) toward the top of the box.
  4. Place delicate glassware and stemware in an upright position, not on their sides. Place crumpled packing paper between each layer to assure a snug fit wherever there is space.
  5. Mark the outside of all boxes containing breakable items with the word “fragile.”
  6. For silverware, wrap each piece in cloth or low sulfur paper to prevent tarnishing. Wrap the silverware chest with a blanket or moving pad to prevent scratching.

Need a professional kitchen packer?

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