Moving Truck for Lump Sum Relocation

Managing Lump Sum Relocation

Stretch a moving budget with Apaca Moving & Storage.

If you are moving, you want to stretch your dollar as far as you can. This is especially true with a “lump sum” or fixed budget. Any money you save stays in your own pocket.

A lump sum moving benefit is typically a fixed amount your company provides you to spend as you see fit. With a lump sum, you are in charge of your own move with an added incentive to budget wisely.

Apaca Moving & Storage can help you stretch your budget. For starters, we can explain all the costs associated with relocation. These include the cost for moving and storage services. Armed with an understanding of all that is involved with moving, you can make the best use of your funds. We offer options so you may select those services that offer the best value. Whether full-service relocation or any combination of packing, moving, and storage services—we’ll help you maximize your benefit.

Money-saving options.

Some people stretch their budget by doing some or all of their own packing. If you like, we can supply you the same materials we use, in the quantities you need, at competitive prices. We even offer instruction on the best practices for packing. See our packing pages and the consumer guides available on our moving resources page. Unless you’re an experienced mover, it may be prudent to enlist our packers to prepare your things for safe transport.

Get a lump sum moving quote.

A good way to begin your lump sum move is with a free move estimate. Or, call (505) 262-1531 to speak with an Apaca Moving & Storage representative.